ReactNative 公式サイトの環境構築を見てみると以下のような記載がありました。

If you previously installed a global react-native-cli package, please remove it as it may cause unexpected issues.

react-native-cli パッケージがインストールされていると悪さをする可能性があるので削除してねってことみたいです。 代わりに react-native パッケージができているみたいです。

react-native-cli の削除


npm list -g --depth=0

yarn global list --depth=0

react-native-cli を削除する

npm uninstall -g react-native-cli

yarn global remove react-native-cli

react-native のインストール


npm install -g react-native

yarn global add  react-native

react-native コマンドなどのオプションには変更なさそう。。。

npx react-native --help
Usage: cli <command> [options]

  --version                       Print CLI version
  --verbose                       Increase logging verbosity
  -h, --help                      output usage information

  init [options] <projectName>    Initialize a new React Native project named <projectName> in a directory of the same name.
  doctor [options]                [EXPERIMENTAL] Diagnose and fix common Node.js, iOS, Android & React Native issues.
  start [options]                 starts the webserver
  bundle [options]                builds the javascript bundle for offline use
  ram-bundle [options]            builds javascript as a "Random Access Module" bundle for offline use
  link [options] [packageName]    links assets and optionally native modules
  unlink [options] <packageName>  unlink native dependency
  install <packageName>           install and link native dependencies
  uninstall <packageName>         uninstall and unlink native dependencies
  upgrade [version]               Upgrade your app's template files to the specified or latest npm version using `rn-diff-purge` project. Only valid semver versions are allowed.
  info                            Get relevant version info about OS, toolchain and libraries
  config                          Print CLI configuration
  doctor [options]                [EXPERIMENTAL] Diagnose and fix common Node.js, iOS, Android & React Native issues.
  log-ios                         starts iOS device syslog tail
  run-ios [options]               builds your app and starts it on iOS simulator
  log-android                     starts logkitty
  run-android [options]           builds your app and starts it on a connected Android emulator or device